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  I have one foot in research and the other in theatrical practice, between France, Germany and several other countries. After a university course devoted to German language and literature at the École Normale Supérieure in Lyon (from 2011 to 2016), I wrote a doctorate in Theatre Studies at the University of Paris Nanterre under the direction of Marielle Silhouette and Annemarie Matzke, in joint supervision with the University of Hildesheim on the work of film and stage director as well as performer Christoph Schlingensief , in order to make it known to the French-speaking public (Art as a living organism: the work of Christoph Schlingensief received publication support, thesis prize support, and Magnam Cum Laude mention   from the University of Hildesheim).At university, I teach German and theater history; I am also a trainer in theater practice.

  I have always played alongside school, preparatory class studies and university. From 2010 to 2016, I trained at the La Bruyère theater classes (Paris 9th), at the Parisian municipal conservatories of the 8th and 5th arrondissements, as well as at the Vélo Volé.


  Since 2013, I have been working as a curator: first by co-creating the “ 7x7 ” apartment performance collective in Paris with two friends, Juliette Riedler and Alexis Anne-Braun. Alone, I then developed projects in non-theatrical places, notably at the former metal foundry in the Berlin suburb of Lichtenberg (April 2017). In a collective housing project in the district of Wedding in Berlin (July 2019), I created two more walking shows . Continuing to explore theatre outside the walls, I co-founded the traveling troupe Les Nuits Blondes which performed in a dozen eco-places in the French region of les Cévennes during the summer of 2019.

For most of my projects, I form groups of around 25 performers, recruiting them wherever curiosity guides me: dance lessons, theater, music jams... Each time I form and coordinate a team by organizing rehearsals, offering an "external eye" for all the groups and I also play in some performances. I work in English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and French. I now live between Paris and Berlin depending on the projects .


  I define my role as a "curator" organizing theatre events in unusual places. Convinced of the enrichment that offers the contact between professionals and amateurs of the performing arts, I do my best to serve as a bridge between different artistic and social worlds.

  I am now embarking on a post-doctoral research-action on performative rituals in Latin America and continuing my projects in West Africa .


Hélisenne Lestringant - 7x7
Héli page d'accueil déourée.png
Hélisenne Lestringant - Doctorat sur Schlingensief
Hélisenne Lestringant - Curatrice
Hélisenne Lestringant - Curatrice
Hélisenne Lestringant - Formatrice
Hélisenne Lestringant - Comédienne
Hélisenne Lestringant 7x7
Hélisenne Lestringant - Enseignante
Hélisenne Lestringant - Curatrice
Hélisenne Lestringant - Burkina Faso
Hélisenne lestringant Turquie théâtre
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