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Hélisenne Lestringant 7x7



  7x7 performance evenings inspired by a Berlin concept, created in 2013 with Alexis Anne-Braun and Juliette Riedler in Paris, in which seven 7-minute performances take place in the rooms of a flat. Between 15 and 25 performers play for an audience of about 90 people. 

     The individuals hosting the evening allow access to all rooms, from the bedroom to the bathroom, kitchen, office and toilet. A month before the performances, the organisers propose a meeting at the venue for the performers to discover the space and choose their room.

     Each playlet is adapted to the space in which it takes place. Their form is deliberately heterogeneous: invisibility test, rap, a very written scene, a dance to cook pasta in 7 minutes...


The 7x7 is a platform for artists to meet each other, make themselves known and test a form in public.

 since 2013, twelve editions.

With a hundred performers in total including: Alexis Anne-Braun, Matthieu Barché, Romain Bénichou, Amélie Bertholet, Clara Bouvart, Thomas Bouyou, Marine Brosse, Yanna Byls, Marion Camy-Palou, Simon Chaffetz, _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_Sarah Cohen, Elise Cribier-Delande, Gregor Daronian, Teddy Delaunay, Vanessa Diaz, Arthur Dreyfus, Marie Du Boucher, Clément Durand, Florian Gabillé, Charly, Juliette Gandolfi, Maxime Germanie, Jude Joseph, Pierre Jouan, Roman Kané, Louis Kientz , Leah Lapiower, Lorenzo Lefèvre, Pauline Lefèvre-Haudepin, Nina Léger, Hélisenne Lestringant, Alexandra Martini, Camille Melot, Hélène N'Suka, Louise Orry-Diquéro, Mathilde Ortscheidt, Gabrielle Paoli, Juliette Riedler, Simon Roth, Elise Salmon, Cléo and Paul Schwindenhammer, Camille Seitz,  Gabrielle Paoli, Pablo Pillaud-Vivien, Esmé Planchon, Camille Protar, Blandine Rinkel, Pauline Rousseau, Juliette Séjourné, Raphaël Setty, Marion Siefert, Magda Skoupra, Lisa Torres, Lucie Wang and many more...

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Hélisenne Lestringant - Doctorat sur Schlingensief
Hélisenne Lestringant - Curatrice
Hélisenne Lestringant - Curatrice
Hélisenne Lestringant - Formatrice
Hélisenne Lestringant - Comédienne
Hélisenne Lestringant - Enseignante
Hélisenne Lestringant - Curatrice
Hélisenne Lestringant - Burkina Faso
Hélisenne Lestringant - Les nuits blondes
Hélisenne lestringant Turquie théâtre
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