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Hélisenne Lestringant - Comédienne

France - Germany
Turkey - Burkina Faso

Hélisenne Lestringant - Curatrice
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Hélisenne Lestringant - Curatrice
Hélisenne Lestringant - Doctorat sur Schlingensief
Hélisenne Lestringant - Formatrice
Hélisenne Lestringant 7x7
Hélisenne Lestringant - Enseignante
Hélisenne Lestringant - Curatrice
Hélisenne Lestringant - Burkina Faso
Hélisenne Lestringant - Les nuits blondes
Hélisenne lestringant Turquie théâtre

  From Paris to Berlin, from Ouagadougou to Brzezinka, I like to explore various forms of theatre, ranging from the classical repertoire (as during my training with Francine Walter, to the Parisian municipal conservatories of the 5th and 8th arrondissements with Stéphanie Farison and Marc Ernotte, and at Vélo Volé by François Ha Van) to ritual theatre, including the most audacious performances. In Ragnar Kjartansson's Bonjour performance at the Palais de Tokyo in 2016, I rehearsed a meeting scene between a man and a woman that lasted 6 minutes... repeated six hours long.


In Berlin, I did assistantships in institutions steeped in history, such as the Volksbühne or the Berliner Ensemble, with René Pollesch, Frank Castorf or Dieudonné Niangouna. For the latter, I worked also as an interpreter to translate the director's instructions to the actors during the rehearsals, an experience that I would absolutely like to repeat.


I discovered German acting methods when I took part in student projects for directing at the Ernst Busch Schule in Berlin (Magali Tosato, Moritz Riesewick) and Polish physical theater at the Grotowski Institute from Wrocław. I like to perform in foreign languages, be it German, English, Spanish or Turkish.

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