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Hélisenne Lestringant - Doctorat sur Schlingensief




  Under the direction of Marielle Silhouette and Annemarie Matzke .

Defended on 04-12-2021 in Paris 10 in joint supervision with the Universität Hildesheim .

    Considered during his lifetime as the enfant terrible of German cinema and theatre, Christoph Schlingensief has remained, to this day, the figure par excellence of the provocative artist. This work offers the first monograph in French on the work of an artist who belongs to the pantheon of contemporary German theater, but remains unknown to the French-speaking public.

    The method of interviews with his direct collaborators allowed me to draw from living sources, in order to contribute to the dissemination of his work. Through the image of the living organism, this work approaches Schlingensief's productions from cinema to theater and performance, through opera, to contemporary art.

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Hélisenne Lestringant - Curatrice
Hélisenne Lestringant - Curatrice
Hélisenne Lestringant - Formatrice
Hélisenne Lestringant - Comédienne
Hélisenne Lestringant 7x7
Hélisenne Lestringant - Enseignante
Hélisenne Lestringant - Curatrice
Hélisenne Lestringant - Burkina Faso
Hélisenne Lestringant - Les nuits blondes
Hélisenne lestringant Turquie théâtre


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