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university resume



2021/22 Degree of doctor in theatrical studies from the Universities of Paris Nanterre and Hildesheim (Magnam Cum Laude mention)

ATER in German studies, University of Paris 8


2020/21 German teacher at Lycée Delacroix in Maisons-Alfort

2019/20 ATER in theatrical studies, course load: CM and TD History of Theatre, The Advent of directing in Europe (1850-1930) (Licence 2), practical course of initiation to acting and to dramaturgy (Bachelor)

2018/19 Research in Berlin , Akademie der Künste, Freie Universität, Volksbühne

2017/18 Doctoral contract in Paris Nanterre , theatre studies, teaching History of the theater, theories of staging from 1850 to the 1930s in Europe  and Dramaturgy, staging, acting (Bachelor)

2016/17 Doctorate in theater studies : " Art as a living organism: the work of Christoph Schlingensief " under the direction of Marielle Silhouette, University of Paris Nanterre, in joint supervision with Annemarie Matzke, University of Hildesheim

2016 Diploma External German Aggregation , rank: 26


2015 Diploma Capes in German , rank: 21


2013/12 Master 2 in German studies, ENS de Lyon , exchange with the Freie Universität, Berlin, "Collectives in the Freies Theater today in Berlin: She She Pop, Gob Squad, Turbo Pascal " under the direction of Jean-Louis Besson, Paris Nanterre University


2012/11 Master 1 in German studies, ENS de Lyon , " Staging and political message of  Dantons Tod (Georg Büchner) in the stagings of Thomas Ostermeier and Jean-François Sivadier " under the direction of Anne Lagny, ENS of Lyon

2011 Admission to the ENS of Lyon , specialty: German (khâgne at Lycée Henri IV, Paris Ve)




2022 - Nanterre-Oxford annual conference “Wanda Golonka's Antigone, lost and found” with Charitini Tsikouras, University of Oxford.

- ERUA Winter School , Universität Konstanz, organization of the multilingual performative research workshop: „Interpreting one's European identity“.

- JE “To take place” (La Marge happy-Paris VIII), “Alternative forms of live performances, before, during and after the health crisis: What heritage? What resonances? » : participative collective performance « Fireworks at home ».


2021 - Symposium on Theatre in situ , October 7 to 9, 2021 Campus Condorcet, under the direction of Aurélie Mouton-Rezzouk.

- International conference Schlingensief's Aesthetic , September 30 to October 1, German Studies Association, Indianapolis, USA, under the direction of Kathy Poock and Teresa Kovacs.


2020   Conference about Immersive Theater, at the Lepic Theater , org. E. Jouve, J. Mézergues, D. Prudhon: From one look to another: From the experience of a spectator to the organization of immersive performances


2019   Humboldt College , Arts and Sciences, Royaumont: Schlingensief and Art as a Living Organism

International colloquium for young researchers PRITEPS, Paris Sorbonne University : The "Souffleuse" on contemporary German stages: a gesture between survival and innovation

2018 TIMEAL Colloquium, Buenos Aires , Teatro Instrumental, Musica y escena en Latino America (1954-2006), Centro de Arte Sonoro, De las influencias del Teatro Instrumental sur un artista performativo alemán: El Holandés errante by Christoph Schlingensief in Manaus.

Colloquium Des lieux pour penser, Paris III , communication: Place de l'Opéra in Vienna , Foreigners out! A great diversion of Christoph Schlingensief.

SIBMAS symposium , Paris, communication: Liberating, provoking, and allowing oneself to fail… even at the museum! The legacy of Christoph Schlingensief.

Conference circle “Failure, error and failure in the performing and visual arts. An aesthetic and economic approach”, University of Artois , communication: Freedom, Search, Fail: the motto of the Volksbühne of the Castorf era (1992-2017), following the example of Christoph Schlingensief.


2017  Colloquium “Christoph Schlingensief und die Avantgarde” , University of Bielefeld.

2016/20 CIERA Colloquium for young Franco-German researchers, Paris.



2021 Article in the magazine Agôn , n°9, “Rater”: “Behind the scenes, Ragnar Kjartansson and the clichés”.

2019 Article in fabula on “The Death of the Author”, coordinated by Jean-Louis Jeannelle and Romain Bionda: “  I would like to give you something. Really nothing. Just a body . Christoph Schlingensief and the staging of the autopsy”.

2018 Article Place de l'Opéra in Vienna, Foreigners outside! A great diversion by Christoph Schlingensief , in: F. Garcin-Marou, F. Mairesse, A. Mouton-Rezzouk (Ed.): “ Places for thinking: museums, libraries, theatres”. Materials for a Discussion , Paris: ICOM-IFOCOM, 2018.

2017 Proceedings of the colloquium “ Christoph Schlingensief und die Avantgarde ”, University of Bielefeld, Munich, Wilhelm Fink Verlag, 2019.

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